Studies have shown Potential Benefits:

  • May help Support Liver Health
  • May help Calm and Protect the Central Nervous System
  • May help as an Immune System Modulator
  • May help with Immunity
  • May help with Heart Health
  • May help Sooth Nerves
  • May help with Restful Sleep
  • May help with Insomnia
  • May help with Calming and Centering

Reishi Mushroom

Powerful Adaptogen and Nervine Herb

Botanical Name: Ganodermataceae

Common Names: Ganoderma, ling zhi (Chinese) which means “spirit plant.”


What is it?  Mushroom 

Reishi Mushroom is one of the oldest known mushrooms to be used medicinally by humans.  Various species grow in Asia, Europe, North America, and Amazon Rainforest. It is found in the Southeast and Southwest part of the United States growing on Oak Trees.  In the northeastern United States, it is found growing on Maple trees.

Prized as a “Tonic” in Traditional Chinese Medicine ranking close to Red Asian Panax Ginseng, featured in our Jasmine Tao Herbal Infusion.   Reishi is valued by Herbalists as “the mushroom of Immortality, the plant of longevity, the sacred plant with miraculous healing abilities, and an elixir of immortality.”   As a top Adaptogen, it helps to guard against the detrimental effects of stress. Reishi is known as a longevity herb in Asian Cultures for over 2000 years. It is reported by Herbalists to strengthen the Immune system, calm and protect the nerves and help us adapt to potential anxiety in our everyday lives.   Containing beta-glucan polysaccharides, Reishi mushroom is an adaptogen that works to adjust the immune system, beneficial for restoring healthy immune functions. The adaptogenic properties of Reishi mushrooms help flush out waste and toxins from the body. Reishi is the perfect remedy for the typical American suffering from constant stress. – Immune

M.  Shi, Y. Zhang, and Y.Yang, “Antiodidant and immunoregulatory activity of Gandoderma lucidum polysaccharide (GLP)”, Carbohydrate Polymers 95 (1) (2013): 200-206. – Immune  – Immune and Anti-Viral – Improves sleep, reduce stress – Immune enhancer -Sleep – Longevity – Sleep

“Healing Mushrooms” by Georges M. Halpern, MD, PhD – Boost immune system – Calms inflammation