Steep The Abundance

Delicious Adaptogenic Herbal Teas That Nourish, Replenish, Rejuvenate, Restore, Balance, Reduce Stress & Promote Longevity.

Steep The Abundance

What Every Body Craves In A Perfectly Packed Infusion

Herbal Infusions deliver masterful creations of medicinal properties of the plant kingdom. As the leaves, flowers, and seeds of our Tibena® infusions release their aroma and life force with water and heat, a bold story is told of the DNA and its hereditary memories are released with pure goodness simplified.

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What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are…

Adaptogens are defined in Russian medical research as substances (mostly herbs and plants) that increase stability and assist the body adapt to stress, support normal metabolic functions and help restore balance.

Ancient Herbal Tonics from Asia and India recognize the revitalizing properties of adaptogens.  Adaptogen Herbs have been used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Scientific studies were first documented in the 1940’s by Russian Scientists.

Dr. Nicholai Lazarev, Russian physician and pharmacologist coined the term adaptogen. Adaptogens are those plants that improve nonspecific resistance to all kinds of stressors by helping an organism adapt or adjust to changes in the environment.

Professor Lazarev wrote that adaptogens have the ability to modulate the stress response and neutralize harmful consequences of stress.  

In 1968 Israel Brekham, PhD and Dr. I.V. Dardymov formally defined adaptogens as “any substance that exerts effects on both sick and healthy individuals by ‘correcting’ any dysfunction(s) without producing side effects.”. They have a normalizing influence on the body.

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Tibena®’s Simple Delivery System

A sachet loaded with a symphony of herbs, seeds, flowers, and plants delivering daily substance and therapeutic wholesome nutrition. You control the strength.

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20 years ago Joe Morton & Beverly Hollister discovered, observed and experienced the medicinal benefits of the harmony of leaves, plants, flowers, roots, bark, seeds, spices, fruits, and herbs.

We encountered how masterful herbal blends enhanced health, supported immunity, and maintained energy levels delivering pure goodness simplified to thousands around the world.

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Tibena® Herbal Infusions are best brewed in boiling water to extract the therapeutic nutrients. Our blends are finely cut therefore if you don’t have access to boiling water you will still receive a lovely brew of therapeutic nutrition by steeping with hot water.

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