Discover The Abundance: First Edition Cruise Flyer

Download and print this 8.5 x 11 Discover The Abundance: First Edition Cruise Flyer.

TIBENA®’s one-word mission statement is“Abundance.”   An abundance of health, wellness, opportunity, gratitude, laughter, and fun.  TIBENA® is launching our first incentive trip called, “Discover the Abundance First Edition.”  Come along with us and join like-minded Tibena® colleagues sailing the Caribbean in luxury. Laughing, dancing, and celebrating beautiful memories of a lifetime sipping the Abundance of Tibena®.

Two ways to qualify “Cruising with Tibena” Recruiting with Points or Ranks and Rank Advancements.

Choose one:

300 points – 1 free cruise
5 points for each recruit
10 points for each Gold VIP
15 points for each Diamond
10 points for Home Meeting with Facebook Live*
*Facebook Live events with Joe/Beverly and/or Facebook Live events approved by Joe/Beverly.  All hosts of events where Joe or Beverly are guests and leaders that flew in and or drove in to support the Home Meeting are rewarded the 10pt.

Or our second Option to Qualify “Cruising with Tibena” Ranks, Holding Ranks and/or Rank Advancements.

You Choose:

T4– Hold for 7 months, and you earn 1 Tibena® Cruise
T5– Hold for 3 months, and you earn the Tibena® Cruise for 2 people with an upgraded room
T6– Hold for 3 months and you earn the Tibena® Cruise for 2 people with an upgraded room and airfare.
T7 or above – Hit once and 2 people earn a cruise, airfare and an upgraded cabin.

Cruise promotion will run from January 1 2019-April 30, 2020 for Tibena® Affiliates.

Come along with us and sip the Abundance of Tibena®.

Let’s start building and celebrate the beauty of the Caribbean together!