Studies have shown Potential Benefits:

  • May help Support Brain and Cognitive Support

  • May help Digestive Support

  • May help Energy Support

  • May help Immune Support

  • May help Liver and Cleanse Support

  • May help Sleep Support

  • May help Stress Support

  • May help Heart Support

  • May help Circulation

  • May help Rejuvenate the Nervous System

  • May help Relieve Insomnia

Schisandra Berry

Powerful Adaptogen, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Immune Tonic, Nervine

Botanical Name: Schisandra Chinensis

Family: Magnoliaceae 

Part used:  Berries and seeds

What is it? It is an ornamental plant found in gardens throughout the world. Schisandra is a woody vine with oval pink leaves and bright red berries.  Schisandra is a valuable tonic and adaptogen throughout Asia and Russia. Schisandra seed extract is recognized in the Russian state pharmacopeia as an adaptogen.  Herbalists consider Schisandra as a calming adaptogen helping to relieve anxiety it also enhances reflexes and concentration. 


History: Chinese folklore says that Schisandra “calms the heart and calms the spirit”.  The Chinese name for Schisandra is wu wei zi, which means “five flavors fruit” Legend reports that Schisandra berries have all five flavors according to Traditional Chinese Medicine sweet,(Earth) sour,(Wood), bitter,(Fire),  pungent (Metal)  and the whole fruit berry is salty(Water) which represents the five organs: the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and spleen. It’s considered a “King” remedy in Chinese Medicine due to its balanced energetic nature. Schisandra is reported by herbalists to relieve insomnia, calm stress, anxiety, and help relieve depression.